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Children, Climate Change and Environmental Migration

Climate change has a much stronger impact on children than adults. Their psychological and physical development is notably affected by environmental factors. Phenomena like droughts and flood will cause significant, longer-lasting emotional stress in children as they grow up. Droughts are accompanied by long periods of acute food shortages and hunger; floods are often accompanied … Continue reading

World Humanitarian Day – 19 August

The World Humanitarian Day has gained considerable attention – in complete contrast to the International Day of Indigenous Peoples (see comment from 10 August). Not only did the media mention the day beforehand, e.g. The Muslim News (17 August), Alertnet (17 August) and First Post (18 August), but a song sung by Beyoncé was also … Continue reading

Floods in North Korea

North Korea, a country that rarely leaks information to the outside world, is suffering from a flood which devastates the livelihood of thousands of people. This changed when Reuters reported on the floods in North Korea on the 28 July. As result articles on the natural disaster were published in several (online) newspapers and magazines, … Continue reading

The UN Climate Fund and the Role of Women

There it is! After three postponements, due to quarrellings on seat allocation,  the 48 represented countries of the United Nations‘ Green Climate Fund (GCF) have finally announced their nominations. The first meeting during which respresentatives will primarily discuss organisational and operational issues and draft the first fund’s workplan, will take place from 23 to 25 … Continue reading


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