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XIV. Humanitarian Congress Berlin – Theory and Practice of Humanitarian Action (12th & 13th October 2012)

This year’s Humanitarian Congress was held at the new venue in the Virchow clinic in Berlin. Various types of people and NGOs were gathered such as Salmone Atim (Gender Officer Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS)) (used to work for the Refugee Law Project), Hugo Slim (Research Fellow, University of Oxford, Institute of Ethics, Law and … Continue reading

09 September 2012 – News

NEWS 09 September: The San Cristóbal volcano in Nicaragua is about to erupt again – 3000 people are evacuated (NZZ, 09.09.2012) The “Slum Survey” was published only a few days after the World Urban Forum. The survey gives voice to “invisible” inhabitants (The Guardian, 07.09.2012) Karachi (Pakistan) is directly located at the coast of the … Continue reading

It’s a matter of time …

On 29th of July the „Nature Climate Change Journal“ published a study on the glaciar melting and water supply in the Tien Shan (Central Asia) (for instance, Der Tagesanzeiger and the NZZ reported). The Tien Shan is shared by five countries (Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China). All of them will have to cope with … Continue reading

The issue of environmental migration and the purpose of this blog

This  blog is dedicated to inform you about climate/environmental migration and to make you conscious about this world-wide problem. Many and diverse environmental problems force people to flee their homes on a daily basis and with increasing numbers. Although the phrase “climate change” is pretty popular these days, it is often forgotten that climate change … Continue reading


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