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The issue of environmental migration and the purpose of this blog

This  blog is dedicated to inform you about climate/environmental migration and to make you conscious about this world-wide problem.

Many and diverse environmental problems force people to flee their homes on a daily basis and with increasing numbers. Although the phrase “climate change” is pretty popular these days, it is often forgotten that climate change already has severe impacts on many regions of the world leading people to migrate – even in Western countries. However, not only natural phenomena such as sea level rise or desertification make people (e)migrate, but also human-caused environmental problems such as through atomic testing or inconsiderate exploitation of raw materials add to this problem.

We will inform about environmental migration on our website http://www.enviromig.org from 15/09 on.

Currently, our website is already available in German.

Be our guest and contribute!

Your enviromig.org team



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