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More Dams …

The incident in Thailand kept on running through my mind and I was wondering whether there are more protests against dam constructions worldwide. So I kept on doing some research. The government of Honduras is planning to build three dams on the River Patuca which would have a serious impact on the ecosystem. Indigenous people … Continue reading

DAMned future

Dams are supposed to be our future since they produce energie without the unwanted waste products. Waste products are all those that could harm our nature. They are products which one can scientifically research and learn how to minimise their negative environmental effects. Only waste products which are not of “social importance” are frequently ignored … Continue reading

The issue of environmental migration and the purpose of this blog

This  blog is dedicated to inform you about climate/environmental migration and to make you conscious about this world-wide problem. Many and diverse environmental problems force people to flee their homes on a daily basis and with increasing numbers. Although the phrase “climate change” is pretty popular these days, it is often forgotten that climate change … Continue reading


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